Privacy policy

The privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us and we want your online experience to be highly satisfying and secure.

Since our website gathers certain kind of information about the users, therefore we feel obliged to completely explain our privacy policy to the user about the collection and use of the information.

Type of information collected from the user and methods of collection

Only those individuals are contacted, who willingly request us or have signed up for free newsletters. In order to receive newsletter, web registration is made and personal identification information from the users is collected for registration. This information generally includes names and email addresses to receive our free newsletter. This is optional information and is provided to us by your own choice.

Use of the Provided Information

We only use this information for the purpose of internal marketing and we do not sell or exchange your personal information (name and email address) with some one else or even any other partner site, unless you authorize us to do that. The information is used for the only purpose of sending newsletters to your email accounts on your own request.

Use of Cookies

A cookie or HTTP cookie is a piece of text stored on a user’s computer by the web browser and they can help us locate a person’s session while online. When you click on our site, our website accesses the cookies in your browser and help us to improve our site. Only those cookies will be accessed in your hard drive, which were placed there by our site. Accessing cookies in user’s hard drive is an industry standard and all the sites on internet are doing that. Cookies are only stored on your computer and not on this website. If you wish to prevent the website from accessing the cookies, you can change the setting of your browser so that every time an attempt is made to save or change a cookie, it notifies you and do as you desire.

Method of Storage of Information

The information acquired through your own consent is stored at the servers, which deliver Worldwide Market News. Your information can only be access by those who help manage the lists of the users, receiving the newsletters. All the newsletters that are sent to the subscribers have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page and you can remove yourself from the mailing lists by clicking on the link. You can also contact us at to bring any change any time.